Cady Aquastore markets and constructs Aquastore ® glass-fused-to-steel liquid storage tanks for virtually every segment of the Municipal and Industrial water market.

Aquastore tanks feature low life cycle cost. They are versatile and cost-effective for waste water treatment storage and are designed to meet national standards. Applications range from E.Q. tanks, aeration tanks, anaerobic digestion tanks, clarifier tanks, trickle filters, and sludgestorage/mixing tanks. Aquastore Tanks are also suitable for total system applications as package treatment plants from small to large volume treatment.

Aquastore tanks feature an inert glass-fused-to-steel coating that never needs recoating and will last the service life of the tank. With maintenance requirements and down times at a minimum, the long term cost savings of an Aquastore water storage tank are unparalleled in the industry.

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